Wednesday, July 29, 2009

~Just walk away~

Dragging my dead body of thought
from one room to the next
the truth serum hit me
before i could forget

i hitched my skirt up higher
and pierced nails into thigh
with everything you left me
i could do nothing but cry

your sad hello - your drunken good-bye
how was i to know you had a plan to hide
i left you wanting more than you ever desired
you left me saving drips of what had transpired

i had no real reason to let you go
but my heart echoed this repetitive show
my head told me - sit down and stay
but my heart screamed - just bloodly walk away.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

~Truth be tOld~

truth be told
i always knew you were a little slow
truth be told
i always knew you would grow too old
truth be told
i always liked the under-shaded life
truth be told
i always fashioned my life for no strife

truth be told
i see you fading in your 'fame'
truth be told
i see your eyes dying into lame
truth be told
i see you trying too hard to contain
truth be told
i see you lying to reach your claim

truth be told
you would be better if you slowed down
truth be told
you would be happier if you gained a pound
truth be told
we would be friends if you never frowned
truth be told
when you lied you caused this row.

Monday, July 13, 2009

~My mother never ~

a beautiful Chinese caftan draped her body
she drifted across the room with grace and music
the taste of wine lingered in the air
my mother was more beauty than beauty was fair

she spoke about a love’s obsession
a man so bold he stole her heart with passion
she told me stories of things that past
how this tortured man won her heart

a wicked education i got from her
many mistress’s my mother had to bear
i drunk from the juice of her life
so that mine would cause me no strife

my mother never lied - the stories she told
have made me wise from the earth of my soul
my armour i wear battered and bruised
but no man will ever make me a fool.

~Red Light WhOre~

Tacky make-up and messy boy hair
she wanted to be called - a dyke
clothes wrapped around like cello-tape
everything was a little bit - too tight

red lips wore her sin
her game was men to win
penis was always the prize

taxi hookers, drug pushers
people she found on the net
this girl was by no means fussy
her sex was always to-let

i'd always thought her a little brash
that unintelligent speech
but i guess when men look at her
they don't really care if she speaks

betrayal is the hardest pill
i'd never wish a foe to swallow
but i guess you've never met this shlore
red light on - green light whore.

Monday, July 6, 2009


the line follows me to the bathroom
like smoke reversing into a flame
i don't usually hang out in quarters of such disdain
but i like to watch

watch the dirty boys filter in
hover over stools of hollow buckets
smeared with the mud and the shit of others
you see their fate unroll

you see their destiny unfold
as if to make the night rush faster
you purge your sins of late
but nothing in this world will cause you more hate

i find myself numb at the sound of your gut
for in your pain - i enjoy the silence
your familiar face
that heart-wrenching rush.