Tuesday, June 30, 2009

~Seduced by my instincts~

As if the wind had danced in swirls - pushing against her furry body
she balanced her stride and only thought of one voice
the voice - that could carry her home

she strutted through the wind swept meadow
keeping her eyes fixed on the horizon
there were no animals that kept her heart company
only the hard air like a beating drum from the skies
her thoughts were pure and focused
her limbs keen and study

she blessed herself with thoughts of encouragement
little mantras and cheers to keep her going on
the journey she started not too long ago was almost at an end
this sorrowed her to a point
but she was not one that mellowed in finality but rather rejoiced at re-birth
she kept her eyes on the prize and gallantly walked towards the sunset

the mystery that she unleashed in the past few weeks
had opened her eyes almost as if another dimension had been in front of her the entire time
she was pleased with all the results
not everything she wished to happen for others did
but this will not be a quick sand of concern that struck more time
she had blissfully taken over her spirit and was now heading home

the view ahead echoed freedom and what she left behind
she will never look at again
when you have an idea - that soon gives birth to a plan
and the plan in turn bares results
what better way to celebrate in your victory
than cat strut - all the way home!

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