Thursday, June 4, 2009

~Destined by my next mOve~

empty lace lies down the veil
my skin slits deep with nervous water
i touch the cards for one last try
your face is nothing less than their master

i once saw it lay, so bright with fire
of cos - for another boy
hes fate is sealed in times of sand
sifting through - times of desire

one cup, two hearts even a wheel to compare
these cards were out for laughter
i saw the devil lay down the last step
because love was the only answer

i took the picture inside my head and waited for the final glimpse
this tower of burden inside my head will turn into nothing but sin
so i am taking a break from whipping the show - into what i want it to be
ill sit back and watch till your gossip engulfs - the paranoid princess B

cos when the devil wakes - the chains will disrupt and freedom will be hitting our tongues

ill b happy to say hello again! to the lost son of a gun...

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