Friday, May 22, 2009

~my asian persuasion~

it should only be fitting that i start my narration of this year with my most recent Asian persuasion - my trip to china! This trip came at a time when my heart desperately needed a distraction and what better way than to forget the past...china called for business and i was more than happy to lend my opinionated character to all facets of work. So i left, completely bewitched and strangely in total denial till the very moment i stepped onto Chinese soil. My encounter with traveling in solitude left me dazed and confused, literally!! the only way i could brave the airports, strangers and authorities was to over-indulge in my old friend, and all time favorite drug - Myprodol.

So maybe i took more than prescribed and maybe when i looked out the window the clouds were smiling back at me, but i had a wonderful 'trip', fast flight no conscious thought! i reached china with much enthusiasm, met up with a friend had an hour to regroup and i was off. Dinner in china - not what i expected, chicken knuckles tempura style, i had to try it i had to try everything Chinese. Forget about jet lag or sleeping or the fact that my legs were numb i drifted down the river for a boat cruise and saw the city in lights - beautiful! Advertising never looked this nice! I later hit the ha ha club which is a completely different experience to any of the clubs in Durban. Chinese youth have an obsession with the drinking game liar liar and play it everywhere, even at night, in the club, while a Chinese singer promotes some pop English song better than the original artist.

My week slowed down and i enjoyed my favorite past time bargain shopping! The rush i got from that endeavor, no high could ever meet. i did business made some new lucky finds, knowing very well when i get back i will FINALLY be recognized as a vital asset in a once male dominated industry. China opened my eyes, there's no super rich, no super poor. everyone eats, food is cheap and there is no crime. something we can learn from visiting other countries is the way they see things, the way they view life....two very important things i have learnt is food should always be cheap, no one should ever go hungry, such a simple concept that our country fails to provide. And finally dont think just do! the Chinese don't mull over ideas and thoughts, the minute they think it, its put in to action...the economy is booming - there is more movement there then anywhere else in the world. No one is loitering around everyone is on a mission, everyone has a purpose, no one gossips, the only thing important to the Chinese is family and work!

There is a lot to be learnt from traveling yes i went for business but i came back with a wealth of knowledge that for me, is super priceless.


  1. I like your blog.I'm waiting for your new posts.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this post :)