Thursday, May 21, 2009

~the raping of my blogs virginity~

As I sway through the streets of my life I begin to wonder, about me - my drrty littered thoughts, about everyone else and why we are, the way we are and why we seem to exist in a parallel stratosphere of ourselves. I have slowly enjoyed the idea that every one of us is hiding inside, a doppelganger, a part hidden so well even we never dare to look at! But its there, be it the demoness that prowls over the excitement when night falls or the secret mistress of our thoughts, that twists the minds of others. We all have her, call her what you will, she is the side of every women that answers those penetrating questions, a side we all have but are too kitten to brave..Follow me - Its time to investigate the female prowess of THE CATTS MEOW!!!

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