Tuesday, May 26, 2009

~Black & Blue~

Do you see me
sitting in this dark room with only one light
Do you see me
staring at the mirror smoke blurring my sight

I see another world not where we live or feel
i see the dead linger on, if only my face - were to peel
i see another girl - black eyes and auburn hair
i see myself being ripped to shreds, with only my soul to bear

Do you see me
walk through open doors
Do you see me
stand up straight on crystal floors

I see another mirror, a portal to my soul
i see the lights play slowly, the image now is whole
i see another girl - blue dress and glittered skin
i see myself the maiden, the second aspect of my sin

Do you see me - the only way i do
do you see me - the only way i see you.

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